ALCA Members

I am proud to introduce myself to the ALCA Members and Community. My name is Johnny, and I'm the owner of Urban Rents.  I moved to Arizona a few years ago, and thru a life turn of events, I have somehow ended up in the iron world trying to carve out a living among giants. Aren't we all?  As a small business, I want to thank you for taking time visit my website. I don't have a marketing team, so please excuse any typos and design flaws. Just like you, I roll up my sleeves from building a website, to jumping in the delivery truck, to networking. Let me know how I can be of service.

I'd like to hear how I can make your 

equipment rental experience better.

Send me a message and

let me know your equipment needs.

Call me 24/7. Tambien hablo español.  



Thanks for your message. I'll respond soon! - Johnny